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    Contents Manager with a ton of features. Let us enumerate a few!

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    Reliability from the start

    You are looking at a Texto Virtual site

    We have our website running on the same system that we provide to our customers.

    Nothing to install, configure or upgrade

    We handle all the details necessary for your website to start, which means there is no software to install, nothing to upgrade and that your site will remain online. Furthermore, we optimize the system to ensure that your site is found by search engines. New features are constantly being released so your site is always up to date.



    Data center with world-class infrastructure

    On the Internet, some places are cheap, others are expensive - the cost difference is directly related to the reliability. Some companies that have a single server with unreliable connections can offer storage and bandwidth at very low prices. Our infrastructure is the complete opposite. At TextoVirtual, our service is of quality, so our partners also have to be of quality.

    We do not have our own data center. We are not experts in that area. We specialize in content management systems and websites. So we have real experts as the "Amazon Web Services" to run our servers for processing and storage. It is not cheap, the services at a data center of this size costs more than in any local data center subject to power and network failures.

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