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    We have compiled the answers to frequently asked questions!

    • Question What is the implementation time of a site?

      The implementation time normal for a site with a layout and 5 pages is 5 business days. Each additional layout associated with the same project takes between one to two days depending on the complexity of the application and specifications. We start the work on a project only after all details are fully understood between client and project manager of Texto Virtual.

      When presenting the costs an approximate time of delivery is indicated. However this time may change depending on the complexity and specifics of the job application. You can also request an emergency service (at additional cost) to accelerate the development and reduce the time of delivery.

      If your source file is in a different format, we will need to convert it to PSD and get your confirmation before proceeding with implementation. This may take longer. Make sure you also include all external images and fonts used in the designs.

      The delivery time for implementation using images in JPEG or PNG is generally also higher.

    • Question And if we need to make changes after the work is completed?

      You always have the possibility to send us a list of desired changes. We are always available to make small changes that are not even included in the original design specifications. In those cases where no updates were originally discussed and the changes require a significant additional effort they will be budgeted separately.

      We are always pleased when we are asked to update the projects already implemented for some time. We never neglect our customers after initial delivery, since it is more important for us to create a relationship of proximity and collaborative partnership with our customers.

    • Question How can I contact the Text Virtual?

      You can contact us by email: [email protected]

      You can also contact us via online chat (skype, google hangout, fb messenger) and talk directly with your project manager or consult our support team.

    • Question What kind of image files do you accept?

      The preferred file type is layered PSD or PNG. We also accept other formats, but we need more time to first convert to PSD and then await for your confirmation that the conversion is correct.

      If files with multiple layers are not available, we also accept simple images in formats like JPEG or even PDF. In the case of PDF files please specify the exact dimension in px to be used on the page. It is important to know that in some cases it is impossible or undesirable to use files without layers. Projects with images without layers may take longer to implement.

      The files you send must use the RGB color scheme. If your files are in CMYK, we will convert them to RGB and ask for your confirmation. This process may take additional time and the colors differ from the original version.

      We can also use an existing site has source. Just give us the current address of the site, or send us the static files to implement on our CMS.

      When in doubt, send us the files you have and ask questions. We will make our recommendations from there.

    • Question What browsers are supported?

      Our content management system generates code according to W3C standards, and is shown correctly in the most used browsers.

      A team of quality control by default tests all sites in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

    • Question What if I need a flexible layout?

      If you want a design with flexible layout, please clarify the following:

      How should pages stretch horizontally: which elements should be fixed and which should be flexible and also what alignment should be used. It will also be useful to send us a screenshot of the page with the representation in higher resolutions.

      The minimum width of the pages will be the width of the available design.

    • Question If my design uses fonts not available on the web. Can you implement @ font-face?

      Yes, we can use this technique. However, you must ensure that the fonts have the appropriate licenses for use in web sites. In these cases the customer is fully responsible for complying with the license of each font used.

    • Question I need compatibility with different mobile devices. Can you do this?

      Sure. Just notify us that you want the option of compatibility with mobile devices. Implemented for Android 2.3, iOS 5 (iPhone, iPad), Blackberry 6+ and Windows Phone 8.

    • Question I want to migrate an existing site for your CMS. Can you do this?

      If you want to migrate an existing site (static or not) for our CMS, supply us with a copy of the site (html, css, images, etc..) To be able to open locally. Tell us also at what browsers the website is displayed properly or send us screenshots of how the site should look.

    • Question Do you program Javascript?

      We will be happy to help you with Javascript. Just tell us the functionality that you want.

      Depending on the application, the budget can be presented separately.

    • Question Do you have Design Service?

      We provide production services for websites with content manager from designs supplied by the customer. If you are interested in creating designs for your site, we recommend some of our customers. Surely you can find the offer that best suits your needs.

    • Question What are the best fonts for websites?

      The ideal is to use fonts without effects. Other fonts must be converted to images.

      We suggest looking at the Google Web Fonts

    • Question I need the project completed as soon as possible! How quickly can I get it?

      We can implement it quickly. If your order is urgent, please notify us immediately and we will analyze the possibilities for urgent delivery.

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